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1. Prepare Early - While relocating household, you will need to arrange multiple issues beforehand. Make an inventory of the items you ought to do. Secure a good amount of packing materials, consider the household furniture and other items that you might want to transport, and the goods you might want to walk away from. If you have small children, or pets, for instance, you would also need to arrange care for them.

2. Shifting cartons - You may have already bought your new residence, but to get the shifting operation going, it is necessary to get shifting containers and other packing materials. You may either purchase your relocating boxes from your local moving firm, or you may choose to get hold of shifting boxes from outlets in your locality for instance.

3. Corresponding with your mover & packer agency - It is critical to determine a removal firm that is ready to assist you whenever you need advice, and with whom you can get in touch successfully. Create the date of shifting well in advance, do not be worried to talk over anything you want to know, and double check the removal once again a few days before the relocating day as well, to steer clear of any problems.

4. Access for the relocation van - Consider how the moving van can gain access to your current and future house, inform your neighbors that the van will be parking outside your residential home, and get any crucial permits.

5. Make a decision exactly what to take and what to abandon - You will not essentially want to take the whole thing with you, particularly if you are relocating overseas. Make an inventory of the stuff you are surely taking with you - It is also beneficial to have an inventory when you are unpacking, and it is a need at customs when you are shifting outside the country. Don't just discard the things you are letting go of. Ask your kinfolk and close friends if they want anything, give the items to charitable organizations, or plan a garage sale.

6. Consider your new house - Draw up a map of your new residence. If it is significantly smaller than your current residential home for example, you really need to leave a few things behind. If you start packing depending on how you are planning to unpack in your new residential home, relocating in will be a lot easier.

7. Packing - You can either order an experienced packing service from your moving agency, which is highly recommended if you are relocating outside the country, or if you have many delicate and worthy objects, or you can decide to pack on your own. If you will be packing on your own, you should begin packing your objects a few weeks before the shifting day, and go through the whole thing meticulously. Label shifting boxes visibly, and pack crucial things only in the last couple of days. Don't put too many or too few goods into one container.

8. Let know gas, electric, gas and water firms ahead of time - As you are changing address, you must let know these issuers, banks, friends and relatives to send your mail to your new residence address. Inform your workplace, and if you have any children, you should take care of changing schools too.

9. Do not pack personal documents, jewellery and money - You will need these stuff during the movement, or while they are in storage space. Don't pack items which you will need immediately after you relocate in, or always maintain track of where you are placing them.

10. Look into the location where you are relocating - If you are shifting to European countries or abroad, it is crucial to get to know as much about the new country as you can, before shifting there. This way, the shift will hopefully not be annoying for you and your family members. Even if you are shifting within the country of India, you must get to know as much about the new area and the vicinity as you can.

11. Be present on the relocating day - To make sure that the whole thing goes as prepared with the moving team, you will need to be present on the relocating day.

12. Check your old house once more - Confirm you have not left any things behind. Furthermore turn off gas, electricity and close all the windows.
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