The open source platform to manage your Ikhtisar Axie Infinity geographic data via a browser.

The future of geGIS

geGIS is an open source platform to create geographically related web applications with the user interface capabilities of desktop client software. Built from  geomajas .

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geGIS is a Java-based web application that can be deployed on an application server such as Tomcat or JBoss.

geGIS uses object-relational mapping to manage geographic data from different media : shape files, spatial databases (eg PostGis,Oracle), OGC-compliant servers (WFS, WMS).

The geGIS front-end or counter generator is an AJAX application that takes full advantage of SVG for rendering vectorial layers.

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  • No license fees
  • Accessible to everyone without additional installation costs on the client side
  • Perform complex geographic tasks (management, analysis, ...) via a standard browser through built-in Rich Internet applications.
  • Extensible: Developers can easily add new domain-specific functionality game Axie Infinity to geGIS
  • Ideal integration platform: geGIS nodes are easy to connect to each other, so that the most current geographic source data can be used by various organizations.
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